Action santé ( Mme Bataille et Mme Varvenne): centre de planification à Dunkerque

All the sophomores of Jean Bart high school went to the“Planning Familial“ in Dunkirk next to the hospital. During the afternoon, we spoke with doctors, dieticians and nurses. There were four workshops around the following themes :

– the secrets of our daily alimentation

The first workshop deals with our daily alimentation and how much sugar and butter there are in for example Nutella, Orangina,an apple or some bread. It was so surprising sometimes…

– how much sugar and butter a Mc Donald’s meal contains

We learnt that for a meal, our body needs 6 of sugar and 10 grams of butter per day. A lot of persons enjoy going to Mc Donald’s where meals are too fat and too sweet. For example, with a menu composed of a Big Mac, medium fries, a McFlurry Oreo and a medium Coke, you eat 36 pieces of sugar. It‘s 6 times more than you need to eat in ONE day. So, if you often go to Mc Donald, it will be better for your health if you think again your nutritional habits.We knew about it globally but on that day the figures were shocking.

– sexuality and STD( Sexual Transmitable Disease)

Everybody should know that condoms are the only thing that will save your life in front of the STD. Condoms, the pill or EVRA, are different ways to avoid having children. There 2 types of condoms : the male condom (the most used) and the feminine condom, both are able to avoid the STD. But people should not use them together : they could crack. The pill, only for women, is an alternative to delay periods and sheer away the risk to get pregnant. EVRA, is like the pill but in the form of a patch.

– the associations you can call if you have any problem (STD…) or if you need some advice.

In Dunkirk or in other cities, or on the Internet too, there are some associations, media ready to help or advise you about family and sexuality.

(Marine L. and Sara A., 2D5)