Last 15th January we went to KOEZIO with the pupils of 1º Bach, the Collège Boris Vian, Lycée Jean Bart, Olivia and Julia from Poland and Lucia and Uxia from Spain in middle mobilities.

The KOEZIO is a adventure concentration and working in team building. When we arrived, the firs we saw was a bar, and in the roof we saw air circuits. After we did team of four people and we signed up. Then we went to the wardrobe, and we wore a special suit and shoes. They told how was the game and the worlds. The wordls were:

l) The maze. We had to search pictures.

2)The park games where we passed the bracelets fot sensors that we had to search.

3)Questions of Disney because it was our picture.

4)The air circuits it was the more difficult part. We had to do the circuits and memorize the pictures that we saw when we finished each stage.

We got points in each world depending how we did it. At the end we had to ask one question final.]